Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Man Get's Left Behind

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I obviously didn't shoot this, but my fellow Warrior teammate Kevin did. We were at the Newport Beach Marine Beach Challenge, and I had just finished my 5K obstacle course in the sand. Here, I was cheering on my daughter during her 1K obstacle course.

I'd imagine that somewhere in the not too distant future, she's not going to want my help, or insist she doesn't need it. As a matter of fact, she wanted to run by herself today, and told me to stay behind. I gave her plenty of freedom and stayed on the sidelines. But I was never far, as she IS a type 1, and this was a very tough course, I didn't want to be far if her blood sugar crashed. And then it happened, for a fabulous couple of minutes, she needed me, wanted my help, and I was able to give it. I will cherish this moment, and this picture, forever.

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  1. Nothing in life surpasses being a Dad... except maybe being a Mom.